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Skirt - Concave with Inward Fringes

Skirt - Concave with Inward Fringes

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Experiment with a party on the legs. 


A concave skirt features multiple panels with inward fringes

The fringes can be pulled outside the skirt, or tied in knots for added style and texture 

The super soft fabric hugs the body curve perfectly, creating a unique contour and silhouette

The irregular hemline adds a touch of whimsy, with fringes that randomly peek out and move around the legs 

Elastic waistband - comfortable and easy to fit

Pockets on sides

Material: 57% Rayon 43% Tencel

Colour: Black

Size: M | L

Remarks: other sizes are available upon request. Accept customisation 


Back Length


Made in Hong Kong

Model: 173cm  

Code: PK037


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