The Brand

phenotypsetter stands for an attitude for playful, unconventional, forward and creative concept for clothes. Taking a conceptual approach, phenotypsetter attempts clothes in another shape, construction, material, visual and style, allowing them be made in a witty and novel approach. 

The way we dress doesn’t confine to our gender and body. phenotypsetter does not set visually a definite style, and disregards trend and norms. We appreciate art and incorporate handmade details into the design for alternative textures of fabric and graphics.

phenotypsetter is proudly to be made in Hong Kong. We develop our own pattern and also work with skilled pattern maker and sewing technician at local sample room. Phenotypsetter began with gender neutral ready-to-wear, women and accessories lines are added later on for diversified creations.

Years of experiences and encounters in the fashion industry have influenced us to start shifting to a sustainable way of doing clothing, and incorporating the circular economy mode, through material selection, reworking product life cycle, design perspective, aftersales maintenance, consumer workshop, etc. A new product line and user experience will be introduced in 2020.

Currently we are selling at our own shop at PMQ, local select shops, own online shop, e-marketplace as well as consigning at local shops. We also showcase our seasonal collection at Fashion Week in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, with stockiest in Europe, Middle East and China. Pop-up stores were held in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.



phenotypsetter derives from the word "phenotype" which means the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

phenotypsetter believes that the way we dress have psychological and behavioural influence on us; it helps set our identity, shape our mindset and attitude, and ultimately who we are. Thus, we could be giving more thoughts in setting our controllable phenotype to beyond a processed commodity and for creating a unique relationship with our wearable

We embrace creative, independent, alternative and innovative thinking. Our wearable should carry and uphold the same value.



The Designer

Ng Kong Wah (Jane) began her fashion design learning and creative exploration at alternatif fashion workshop. Her personal aesthetic and technical knowledge continued to develop and strengthen through participation at the HKTDC’s fashion shows, HKTDC Young Designers contests in which she was awarded 10 Best Collection, and working for international brands. She started her private label on a part-time basis around 2010 and opened her shop at PMQ in 2014. The brand and shop are named “phenotypsetter”. A year later, she completed her Master of Visual Arts degree programme (Experience Design) at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

She believes that there should be alternatives in fashion, new and playful approaches to design. She specializes in garment concept, garment construction, fabric manipulation and graphics.

Years of experiences and encounters in the fashion industry have also influenced her to start shifting to a sustainable way of doing clothing, and incorporating the circular economy concept. She begins to host upcycling workshop and work on new product line and user experience in 2019.

She is also a part-time Lecturer of Wearables at the University.