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Trousers - Quad Shorts With Hollow Frame

Trousers - Quad Shorts With Hollow Frame

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Hollow out the ordinary. Distilled into shorts from layers of handcrafted airy tea silk. Made with a thirst for unconventional ease. Break the rules of comfort.


A unisex shorts with the two front and two back hollowed-out outer panels, revealing an inner layer of pure tea silk that has undergone a complicated natural dye process and embedded with traditional Chinese patterns.

An elastic waistband fits comfortably while providing an airy, silhouette that allows full range of motion for any activity.

Crafted with care, these unique shorts will stand the test of time. 

Colour: Black

Material: Poly 55% Wool 45%; Tea Silk  

Size: M | L

Waist circumstances

Hip circumstances

Hip circumstances


Remarks: Model's height: 173cm/183cm

Made in Hong Kong
Style no. PP036

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