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Cloth Face Mask - Fabric from Japan

Cloth Face Mask - Fabric from Japan

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香港製造 高質布口罩 

* 外層日本 布料 (防潑水)

* 中層台灣加厚墊片(每次用後更換)

* 內層100%純棉布



成人: 7" x 3-5/8" (橡筋 ~3-3/4")

小童:5-3/4" x 3-3/8" (橡筋 ~2-3/4")

成人10款 及 小童 3 款 每個精美獨立包裝    

備: 選用百諾優台灣熔噴不織布加厚版,比一般口罩內層厚3.5倍,吸濕性佳,孔徑細小,有效阻隔飛沫粉塵,無螢光劑,無化學物添加,10cm x 17cm 符合成人布口罩size, 20片更換裝,獨立發售。 (更換小朋友中層需自行剪裁)



- 移除即棄濾芯(如有)
- 凍水手洗,以溫和洗衣液分開洗滌
- 輕輕摩擦及扭乾 
- 避免浸泡過久。不要漂白,不要以洗衣機滾乾 
- 如需燙或蒸,選用低温及燙衣布 
- 如有需要,使用前再作清毒 


Cloth Face Mask Reusable

Made in Hong Kong, Fabric from Japan, Filter from Taiwan

Adult: 7" x 3-5/8" (Elastane ~3-3/4")

Kid: 5-3/4" x 3-3/8" (Elastane ~2-3/4")

* 2-layer Fabric Mask with opening at sides for filter insert

* wire insert at top edge for better covering up the nose area

A) Outer Layer

* Traditional print 100% cotton fabric from Japan

* Breathable Water Repellent treatment to help prevent droplet to be absorbed

* One outer fabric + one cotton lining

B) Inner Layer

* 100% Cotton

C) Filter

* PP Melt Blown non-woven fabric (Taiwan)

* Extra Thickness to 78g/sqm (vs 20g/sqm for ordinary filter of disposable face mask)

* filter tiny particles like dust, droplet

* Carefully selected material without chemical additives, Fluorescent Whitening Agent

* Size: 10cm x 17cm

* Size fit to reusable mask (Adult size)

* one piece of filter per reusable mask

* Disposable and it is not for washing. Replace a new filter if needed

Remarks: - An individual filter pack of 20 pcs is available for sale separately. Shelf life: 1800 days [unopened and kept in normal condition]


Adult size is a free size. If size adjustment is wanted, shorten the elastane with few stitches to make the mask closer to your face. Or use woven tape to hold the elastane and secure with a knot at the back of the head.


Washing Instruction: 

- Remove the disposable filter before washing
- Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent separately.
- Gently rub & wring out.
- Avoid soaking. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.
- Steam or iron at low temperature with an iron cloth. Repeated washing will reduce the water repellency.
Re-treating with spray-on and wash-in products if needed.

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