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Shirt - Graffiti Patch

Shirt - Graffiti Patch

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Unisex shirt with bold and expressive eclectic scrap graffiti-inspired patchwork design 

Colourful stitches adorning both the front panel and collars, adding a pop of vibrant personality to your shirt

The use of scrap fabric is part of a larger sustainability initiative. The use of scrap fabric minimizes waste and supports a more environmentally responsible

Each shirt is unique, with slight variations in the use of scrap fabrics and stitches, ensuring that your shirt is truly one-of-a-kind

Make a statement with the striking colours and show your commitment to sustainability and individuality. 

Colour: White + mixed colours

Materials: 100% Cotton

Size: S | M | L (EU)

(For customisation please check with us)

Made in Hong Kong

Code: PS048

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